National House of Afghan Journalists celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8.

Afghanistan National House of Journalists celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 with the presence of a number of media members at the office of Afghanistan National House of Journalists.
This house honored 50 female journalists from various media and members of the National House for their services in the field of information.

The program began with the recitation of the verses of God’s Word by Seyyed Akbar Sadat, the executive director of the National House, and with the reading of the scenario by Mrs. Gita Rashidzadeh.

Syed Yasin Mateen, head of the National House of Journalists of Afghanistan, while welcoming and congratulating on the occasion of March 8, said: the position of women and their role is very important and valuable from the point of view of Islam, therefore, the National House of Journalists congratulates and congratulates all the women of Afghanistan on this day. say say he says

Mr. Mateen added: Women have played an important and fundamental role in society. Therefore, the National House of Journalists is an institution supporting the media and journalists, which has always stood by the journalists and supported their rights.

The head of the country’s journalists’ house also added: “This house has plans and programs in hand that, if implemented, will provide material and spiritual support to dozens of journalists and reduce their economic problems.”
He asked the Afghan government to support Afghan journalists in the field of information and material and spiritual assistance.

Mrs. Shabnam, Mrs. Maryam and Mrs. Farhanaz, three journalists of the country, thanked and appreciated the organization of this program by the National House of Journalists of Afghanistan and congratulated all the women of Afghanistan and the world on March. On the 8th International Women’s Day, they considered the position of women in society to be important and fundamental and added: We hope that the Afghan government will help and cooperate with the rules and regulations of Islamic Sharia in all areas of their lives.
The program ended with a certificate of appreciation from the National House and a gift of a bouquet of flowers and a package of honey from Haji Abdulhai Deldar, the president of Deldar Asal Company, and Haji Qiamuddin Ghorbani, the president of Paktia Asal Ghorbani. The company is the sponsor of this program for female journalists.