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National House of Journalists of Afghanistan

The National House of Journalists of Afghanistan (NHJA) is a neutral and independent non-profit organization that was founded in 2021 with the initiative and leadership of Mr. (Sayed Yaseen Mateen) and a number of active journalists to provide an inclusive and effective platform to support journalists' media. and provide freedom of expression.

Mr. Mateen, who is the founder, chairman and franchise owner of the mentioned institution, is one of the hardworking and committed journalists with a brilliant work record. He has served the media community for his country for 14 years. The National House of Journalists of Afghanistan (NHJA) has a charter and an official license from the Ministry of Information and Culture.


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The statutes of this institution are compiled in three chapters and twenty-five articles. Based on the constitution of the National House of Journalists of Afghanistan, this institution consists of two main pillars, which are the leadership board and the executive board of this impartial institution, without any internal or external donors to reach and with independent expenses arising from the right of membership and financial support of the members. It is funded. The main and central office of the National House of Journalists of Afghanistan (NHJA) is in Kabul and it continues to have extensive activities throughout the country and will open provincial offices if necessary.

The leadership of the National House of Journalists of Afghanistan (NHJA) is committed to supporting the media and journalists in Afghanistan, and in this way, it will try to provide all the necessary facilities and platforms to support journalists, defend their rights, and advocate for their basic rights. and spiritual and provide a better field of activity. In addition to this, the National House of Afghan Journalists organizes short-term and long-term workshops to improve the capacity of journalists and media workers in the center and provinces to increase their capacities and provide a better and professional work environment.

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